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The seedbank is available to all members of the VCPS. VCPS membership costs only $18-$30 AUD per year and gives you access to our seed bank, plus many other benefits. See the Join the VCPSpage for details. Most seed packets cost only $1.00 AUD per packet. On occasion, we have specialist seeds available at a higher price and/or reduced quantity of seed per packet. A limit of 2 packets per seed listing applies to all orders to so that more members get the opportunity to purchase species that are in high demand or short supply.

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A $2.00 postage and packing fee applies to all orders placed within Australia or $5.00 for international orders. Payment must be made in Australian dollars. As the seed list is constantly changing throughout the year, please consider requesting substitute seed, in order of preference, just in case we have run out of the seed you have requested, or you may choose to allow us to automatically substitute seed with something similar that is currently available.

Please direct all seed order requests to:

Ron Abernathy,
VCPS Seedbank Officer

Please send an email to confirm availability of seed, once payment is received, the seed will be posted to you. Payment can be made via paypal where a $1 fee applies. Seed can also be purchased from Ron at our monthly meetings.
For Non-Australian resident members only, payment may be made by Credit Card (Visa or MasterCard only)
Please advise Full Name on Card, Card Type, Card Number and Expiry Date

Good fresh viable seed is always in demand, so if you have some to contribute please contact Ron.

* Please note - Sometimes an order is delayed by a few weeks due to various events.Please remember that the VCPS is run by volunteers and be patient.