Members Forum information


The VCPS runs an online forum through Facebook. The purpose of the forum is to allow VCPS members to communicate amongst themselves, and also gain information regarding the society posted by the committee or other members to ensure that all members are kept up to date with the society. It's also a convenient area to find answers to any questions that you may have concerning carnivorous plants.

How do I join the forum?

The VCPS forum is accessible to current members of the VCPS, only. Requests to join from non-members or lapsed memberships will not be approved. Access to the VCPS forum requires an active Facebook acount. If you do not already have a Facebook acount you can create an acount here.

You can request to join the forum at

Please fill out the questions and agree to the Rules of Conduct of the forum to ensure your request is approved quickly by the forum's administrators. Requests to join the forum will be checked against our membership records before being approved. Important: If the name you provided to the VCPS when you last joined or renewed you membership is different to the name you use for your Facebook account, please include the name listed on you membership when requesting to join the forum so we can quickly identify you as a member. The name listed on your VCPS membership can be found on your membership card. If you need assistance with joining the forum you can contact the VCPS via our website or via our Facebook page.