D capensis Cephalotus


The Victorian Carnivorous Plant Society (VCPS) is a non profit organisation formed in 1984 primarily for the enjoyment of carnivorous plants (CPs) and also for their study, conservation and cultivation. We have members from all over the world with most being located in South East Australia where the state of Victoria is situated. Members enjoy a quarterly journal and are encouraged to attend the monthly meetings. There is also a seedbankand an extensive CP libraryavailable. There is a forumwhere you can ask questions about CPs, perhaps show off some photos and for general discussions on CPs. Some major events on the VCPS calendarare field tripsand an annual showwhich gives the general public a chance to see some of the best cultivated CPs anywhere in Australia. It is also a chance for them to ask questions and gain a better understanding of the plants. Join today!


Carnivorous Plant Seeds

The VCPS Seedbank offers a large variety of carnivorous plant seed for members to purchase. Fresh seed of a range of different species and hybrids is regularly added to the seed list, making it a great resource for both new growers wanting to build a collection and experienced growers looking for something a bit different.

The VCPS seedbank also offers a limited number of seed for sale to non-members for only $2.50 AUD per seed packet. Anyone can purchase seed from the Non-Member Seed List and there's no obligation to join the society in order to buy seed this list. See the VCPS Seedbank page for further details.

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